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Full Screen YouTube Playback in Flash: youtube-as3-player-helper

My YouTube colleague Mykola Dzuba put together a nice example of building your own YouTube Flash player using our AS3 chromeless player API called youtube-as3-player-helper.  One of the interesting features available to Flash player developers is full screen playback. Here is an example of how it works.

You will find the code in the fullscreen sub- directory on

Video Hack Day YouTube API Winners

someone who writes graffiti
source: Urban Dictionary
Overall the Oct 1st event went quite well, though I think it would be nice to get more ‘designer/videograhper types’ next time as the crowd was very developer-heavy. We have a long way to go to make these types of events for video mainstream rather than niche it is today.
YouBomber – voice and graphical video annotations editor by Tom Saffell (co-founder, . Main prize winner overall and winner of the YouTube API prize. The user can play a YouTube video, draw and talk-over it, stop and resume playback. Upon replay, all of that (including voiceover) is nicely replayed. The overall experience almost matches a CSI show, where the ‘bad guy’ is typically identified by the investigator viewing a close circuit television footage 🙂 Very cool hack, though totally non compliant with YouTube’s ToS (since we don’t allow painting over the player area :-/).

YouBomber Demo:

Ragatzi – by Semira Rahemtulla (CEO and Co-founder) and team Ragatzi. YouTube API prize winner. Using YouTube API, TokBox (video chat), RoR back-end, JavaScript front-end. Designed to keep distributed families closer, it handles the ‘bedtime story’ use case where a remote family member is reading a book or watching together a video with a child. 

Ragatzi Demo:

Music Explorer – by Carl Rosenberg and Alex Kalinin from,  YouTube API prize winner. Uses Rovi API and YouTube API to help one discover and listen to new music. Allows for browsing of related artists to find similar performers of the same genre.

Music Explorer Demo:

Another interesting app was Movie Fightz, a fun iPad app which lets one compare two movies, using data from Rotten Tomatoes API and YouTube API. Screencast here.

Movie Figtz –

Random Photos

Demo Session

Delicious Kung-Fu Tacos Truck

Moving videos from FlipShare to YouTube

Cisco announced that Flip product line will be discontinued, and so will FlipShare, the video hosting and sharing service. I’ve been a Flip camera user for many years, and really loved both the simplicity as well as the good quality of the device. You will be missed Flip!
Folks like me who shared a few videos with family using the FlipShare app and FlipShare service in the past can fortunately easily upload the videos to YouTube using the very same app. The attached screenshots illustrate the process.

FlipShare did not implement unlisted video sharing option, thus only two options are shown in the user interface (private and public). If you would rather not share the videos with the entire world, but do not want to deal with the complexity of managing video access, upload the files as private and then mark it unlisted as explained here.

Once your videos are on YouTube, you can always get the video files back as covered in this help article which details the video download process.

GDC 2011 : Call of Duty Black Ops Preso

One of the coolest projects I got to work on last year was YouTube API integration with Call of Duty : Black Ops. The game was a smash hit, grossing over $1B in revenues shortly after launch. Black Ops allows one to upload gameplay video clips directly from the game to YouTube. Below is an example of a clip from Black Ops, as well as the preso from GDC 2011 that I was fortunate to give together with my Activision colleague as a part of the Google track. You can download the slides here.
If you missed GDC but are planning to come to Google I/O 2011, we’ll be presenting there as well, so join our session! Agenda details coming soon!

Mezcal : Back from Mexico City

Just got back form Mexico City and thought I’d share the presentation I gave about YouTube APIs at Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM, Mexico’s largest university) as well as the workshop materials from the developer event at Google Mexico. Both events turned out great, the workshop was focused on hands-on API development, whereas UNAM presentation was a fun API overview with a few interesting examples. I was especially touched with the kindness of the faculty and students at UNAM, I hope to be back there someday. There were a lot of good questions after the presentation, and I ended up staying over an hour longer than originally planned. After several busy days in Mexico, packed with presentations and meetings, I enjoyed a glass of mezcal pictured above in Coyoacán, a great place to escape the big city noise without having to go far.
Update: here are some photos from the trip: