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User Generated Content

YouTube Direct
, the open-source user generated content submission and moderation platform, has been gaining popularity lately and we continue to find interesting deployments around the Web.
Here are a few examples :

http://www.joaonetoefrederico.com.br/compor/ (a Brazilian musical group soliciting songs from their fans)
http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/britney-spears-perform-good-morning-america-san-francisco/story?id=13077365 (Good Morning America soliciting videos of people dancing to Britney Spears music)
http://enviayreporta.esmas.com/pequenosgigantes/ (Pequeños Gigantes)
http://www.nexttopaccountant.ca/ (Alberta’s next top accountant!!!)
http://publicaffairs.missouristate.edu/conference/videocontestcriteria.aspx (Missouri State University’s Public Affairs video contest)
http://www.swann-watch.com/?page_id=8 (submit your security camera videos to a contest!)
http://zigcamp.jp/submit (Japanese game show ?)

I gotta say that Alberta’s next top accountant is my personal favorite!