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My Upcoming SIP Servlet Presentation

I will be presenting at the Java SIG in Palo Alto on November 6th. Here’s the abstract :
Developing VoIP Applications with SIP Servlets
If you use services such as VonageTM, Comcast Digital VoiceTM or AT&T CallVantageTM, you are aware that the transformation of voice communications from the good old PSTN to an all-IP multimedia network is well under way. The leading technology used in this new world is the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP, RFC 3261) which controls the signaling plane. Java developers can participate in this revolution thanks to the SIP Servlet API as defined by JSR 116 and its upcoming revision JSR 289.  These JSRs provide an easy to use yet powerful programming model, similar to the familiar HTTP Servlet model, that hides the complexity of SIP from the developer. In this session, we will look at the SIP Servlet model from a developer’s and container implementer’s perspective. Following a short overview of the SIP protocol, we will first discuss the process of building communications apps using Java and the SIP Servlet API. Next, we will examine several interesting challenges that implementation of the JSR 116 and the SIP standard posed and how WebLogic SIP Server addressed them. Finally, we will highlight several improvements to SIP Servlet API coming soon with the JSR 289.
The complete announcement and logistics can be found here.