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Article Translations

My intro article about mobile development with YouTube APIs has been translated into seven languages (Japanese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Mandarin and Taiwanese Mandarin). Here are the links :

携帯端末向け開発リソース YouTube
YouTube를 통한 모바일 개발 도움말
Ресурсы для разработки мобильных приложений, интегрированных с YouTube, Ярек Вилькевич
Recursos para desenvolvimento de aplicativos para celular com o YouTube
Recursos de desarrollo para móviles con YouTube
YouTube 移动应用程序开发参考资料
YouTube 行動應用程式開發資源

MobiCASE 2010

If you missed my YouTube API preso at CodeCamp, you can still catch up with me at MobiCASE. Thanks to an invitation from Dr. Martin Griss of Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley, I am going to give a demo of YouTube Direct and talk about APIs at MobiCASE, Oct 26th , Biltmore Hotel & Suites, Santa Clara, CA, 4pm-6pm. Looking forward to meeting mobile industry and academic researches, as well as students from all around the world! After all, it is students that often come up with very good ideas and conference participation is yet another way to get noticed!
Update : students’ discount is available here :

My Upcoming YouTube API Presentation

I am speaking at the Silicon Valley CodeCamp on Oct 10th. Here is the abstract : YouTube today is much more than a site. Using Google Data APIs and YouTube Player APIs, developers can harness the power of world’s most popular video destination to build new and innovative applications. In this session, we will provide an overview of the YouTube APIs, including uploading, sharing, searching and customized video playback capabilities. Since the APIs support multiple language bindings, we will in discuss interesting examples in Java, PHP, Python, C#, Objective-C, JavaScript and ActionScript. We will also drill into an example open source application:YouTube Direct and discuss its App Engine-based design and implementation as well as YouTube Direct mobile clients for Android and the iPhone.