Full Screen YouTube Playback in Flash: youtube-as3-player-helper

My YouTube colleague Mykola Dzuba put together a nice example of building your own YouTube Flash player using our AS3 chromeless player API called youtube-as3-player-helper.  One of the interesting features available to Flash player developers is full screen playback. Here is an example of how it works.

You will find the code in the fullscreen sub- directory on code.google.com.

1 thought on “Full Screen YouTube Playback in Flash: youtube-as3-player-helper

  1. html5 music player

    Wow, the game has changed with the announcement that Adobe is no longer supporting development for FLASH for mobile devices or TV…it is focusing on youtube html5 player and Adobe AIR apps instead….the news got around the game development community quickly. I think the market penetration of mobile devices like the iPad, iPhone, and iTouch from Apple being a merket leader who doesn’t support FLASH made a true impression on developers whose clients pages were losing views by this audience. Comsider Apple’s leadership history introducing CD ROM’s fiirst in computers, dropping the beige look of computers, introucing the iMAc, iTunes, Quicktime, and Jobs support of Blu Ray at Disney helped set standards in many industries…

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