Video Hack Day YouTube API Winners

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Overall the Oct 1st event went quite well, though I think it would be nice to get more ‘designer/videograhper types’ next time as the crowd was very developer-heavy. We have a long way to go to make these types of events for video mainstream rather than niche it is today.
YouBomber – voice and graphical video annotations editor by Tom Saffell (co-founder, . Main prize winner overall and winner of the YouTube API prize. The user can play a YouTube video, draw and talk-over it, stop and resume playback. Upon replay, all of that (including voiceover) is nicely replayed. The overall experience almost matches a CSI show, where the ‘bad guy’ is typically identified by the investigator viewing a close circuit television footage 🙂 Very cool hack, though totally non compliant with YouTube’s ToS (since we don’t allow painting over the player area :-/).

YouBomber Demo:

Ragatzi – by Semira Rahemtulla (CEO and Co-founder) and team Ragatzi. YouTube API prize winner. Using YouTube API, TokBox (video chat), RoR back-end, JavaScript front-end. Designed to keep distributed families closer, it handles the ‘bedtime story’ use case where a remote family member is reading a book or watching together a video with a child. 

Ragatzi Demo:

Music Explorer – by Carl Rosenberg and Alex Kalinin from,  YouTube API prize winner. Uses Rovi API and YouTube API to help one discover and listen to new music. Allows for browsing of related artists to find similar performers of the same genre.

Music Explorer Demo:

Another interesting app was Movie Fightz, a fun iPad app which lets one compare two movies, using data from Rotten Tomatoes API and YouTube API. Screencast here.

Movie Figtz –

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